The World Through a Child’s Eyes


5574_1166382513103_5374722_nHave you ever paid attention to how a child looks at the world around them? How everything is bright, shinning and new? To a child the world is a startling place where adventure lays waiting around every corner, under every rock and through every bush. The world is their oyster and nothing is impossible or impractical when they wish it.

As we grow older we often forget that life and the world around us is strange and beautiful in its complexities. We let the stresses and distractions of our lives take us away from the innate beauty and understanding children have of the world. When a child looks at a smooth stone along the banks of a river they see the ageless wonder of it, but as an adult all we see is a rock.

When a child looks up into the sky the clouds practically dance for them, swaying and shaping themselves into fantastical animals and objects that send their imagination flying – but when adults look up oftentimes all we see is the blinding sun and the coming rain clouds.

The world through the eyes of a child can be truly remarkable and can give a unique perspective for adults, a perspective that is highly valuable. When adults grow up we take on the weight of the world, shouldering the responsibilities of supporting ourselves and our families, making responsible decisions and so forth. That responsibility, though necessary, can pull us away from the transcendental perspective of a child’s eyes. A child’s view of the world is innocent, wondrous and adventurous; a calm and peaceful endeavor to explore the world around them.

Taking the time to experience the world through a child’s eyes can bring startling perspective and bring home the simple truth that life is what you make it. You can take on the responsibilities of the adulthood, but keep the childlike wonder that makes the world seem continuously fresh and new. It is surprising what can happen when you take a little time to enjoy life as a child would; to see the world as a child sees it. Understanding the world through childlike eyes can help to bring a sense of balance and rejuvenate the mind, allowing for a better way of life than ever before.