Stop Your Whining – A Rant


The Difference Between Men and Boys When it Comes to Marriage in the digital age!

I belong to a few dad MeetUp groups, a few dad Facebook groups, and have many friends who are Dads.

It’s not hard to tell who the MEN are, quietly taking care of their shit and who the boys are, whining about every little damn thing that is wrong with their wife, their kids and their lives.

“My wife did this or that”.

“My children won’t listen to me” or WTF ever.

I mean my marriage and kiddo are not perfect all the time, but seriously the complaining that some guys do is embarrassing. And even worse they do it in public, to each other, and the other schmucks just be like “Oh dude, I know. Dude it’s the worst being married Bro”

When I see this shit, I want to ask these jerks:

Why in the world did you get married to begin with?

What makes you think that your wife or kids should respect you, or what you feel when you don’t even know what the hell you really want out of life?

Personally I think these guys sound like idiots when they whine about their family in a public forum. And more importantly, it’s pretty darn disrespectful to your wife and kids in my opinion. I don’t let others say shit about my family, so I’m sure not gonna be nasty about them on Facebook!

Do I fight with my wife? No, not really, unless I drink way to many beers in Germany (whole other story there). But even then, we don’t “fight” we have discussions or conversations. You know, like adults.

When you disrespect your partner’s views, opinions or think they’re a dumbass, what does that say about you? You married them and thought life would be happy, happy, happy! Who’s the dumbass now?

I looked up to my parents who were married 40+ years before my father passed away. I respected their authority and the insights they taught me. I am sure they went through tough times but Family always came first! If you don’t feel that way about your wife and kiddos that’s your fault, not theirs!

Men sound like a spoiled child when they whine about things not going exactly how they dreamed it would go. But really? You thought you would be rich, have a big house, a new car, maids, personal chef and shit? Wake up Dads!! You’re a Father, a Husband, a Businesses person and take care of all the other attributes that come with being an adult. Its not easy, but it is what you make of it. Whining about it to other complainers won’t get ya very far, and it certainly won’t build the relationships necessary for a great Family.

And on that point, who’s the adult? You are complaining your kids won’t listen to you, won’t do as you command and disrespect you. Who taught them that?

Is that how you act to your wife?

Be a role model, be a leader, be the freaking ADULT!

Take care of your shit, be the man your children and wife deserve and get off of the social media whine train!