CommunicationGood Communication fixes misunderstandings. Bad things happen in life, get over it and quickly!

Those who choose to dwell in misery and negativity choose too, it’s a choice. If you turn a bad thing into a learning experience or just a “Whoops, I won’t do that again” and move on to create positive things for yourself and others then you chose the better path. Be a better communicator and learn from all situations, be a leader not a follow and Make better choices!

1. DON’T BE A WALL, BE A DOORMany people when faced with criticism or unwanted situations withdraw themselves. They shut everyone out – people, experience, learning, etc. In other words, they build a wall around themselves, guarding their vulnerable selves. Instead they should be like a door which can be kept open for all kinds of experiences that life has to offer. #1 Rule of Communication.

2. UNDERSTAND ALL THE FACTS AND PERCEPTIONSEvery person looks at a situation differently. Just as we wouldn’t like anybody to impose their views on us, in the same way we need to respect other people’s views too. Clashes may arise as it is not necessary that everyone may agree upon the same viewpoint. However, in the end what matters is how a solution is arrived at by solving all the differences. Yet another example where communication is key.

3. LEARN FROM SOLUTIONS AND NON SOLUTIONSLife is all about learning. Learning from your failures, learning from what didn’t work out.

Ups and downs are a part and parcel of everybody’s life. Every experience brings with it some lessons that need to be learned. Both good and bad situations will make you aware of things that need to be continued and things that should be avoided.

This would in turn help you the next time you find yourself in a difficult circumstance. You must develop an ability to handle the situation in the best possible way.

4. KEEP A SENSE OF HUMORHaving a sense of humor is not just limited to comedians. It can actually help you get over a crisis much sooner. There is no magic that can exempt a person from bad experiences. However, staying happy and positive with a little sense of humor can do wonders.

5. FIND AN OUTLETWhenever you feel angry, frustrated and all sorts of negative emotions, do not suppress them. You might not realize this but pent up emotions can affect your health severely. To understand your feelings and manage them, you need to find an outlet. Find out things that make you happy, surround yourself with positive people and laugh a lot. Meditation and exercises also help ward off negative emotions and will relieve stress.

6. BE THE PERSON OTHERS FOLLOW – Leaders and followers handle situations differently, so choose the Leader role to determine to best outcome rather than following the lead of another and accepting the outcome they choose. People look to leaders to guide them through life, why I do not know, but it’s true and it drives me nuts! Decide your own path of happiness and when Stuff happens, handle it according to your rules.

7. DON’T TRADE PART OF YOURSELF FOR A POSITIVE OUTCOMENever distance yourself from dreams, aspirations and morals to achieve a positive outcome. Such happiness can be short-lived and can make you feel that you have cheated yourself. Instead focus on things that will provide long-term happiness.

8. WHEN IT’S OVER LET IT GOA lot of people tend to cling to the past that becomes a hindrance in moving on in life. They keep on thinking about why things didn’t turn out their way or what could have been done. Fact is that, the more you will think about what has already happened, the more it will come to haunt you. Engage yourself in what you have at present rather than holding on to something that no longer helps you.

Remember communication is a powerful tool a lot of folks have lost so try these tactics next time a Bad situation arises in and choose to be the type of person others wish to be.