Here you will find the answers to some of the questions that my readers frequently ask me. Please read these before emailing me since there’s a good chance I might have answered your question below.

  • Do you really believe everything you write?  I only write about things I believe in and actively incorporate into everyday life. I hope I can teach others to pursue similar lifestyles and be parents that their kids look up to.
  • Do you want more kids in the future?  Not at this stage in my life even though I would like a couple do overs when it comes to some errors in judgment during my daughters early years.
  • Can I interview you for my blog?  Absolutely, That would awesome! I plan on having guest bloggers also so if you are interested, send me a message.
  • How do you come up with everything you write?  I usually write about topics I want to learn more about and I feel other all dads would benefit from. I also enjoy writing about my family’s adventures, which is easy to create content around. Any suggestions are always welcome though.
  • Are you afraid you’ll run out of content?  Nope, my daughter consistently provides entertaining content to write about and there is so much to learn about parenting and other topics related that I am constantly researching, learning and sharing.
  • Have you ever regretted publishing anything you’ve written?  Not yet, but the blog is still new and mistakes are bound to happen.
  • Do you ever get writer’s block and how do you deal with it?  Not yet, but if I do need subject matter to write about I just hang with my daughter for a day and analyze everyday life. Plenty of fun material out there to be shared.
  • I’m starting a blog; do you have any advice for me?  Do it! Have fun, it gets better every time you post a new blog post and you really learn about yourself. Check out my blogging section for tips and tricks.
  • Do you read all of the comments and all of your emails?  So far I do, it is not overwhelming yet but my goal is to always stay engaged with my audience, they are the reason I started this.
  • Is their more than one person writing the posts for your blog?  I write the blogs, and then I have a writer edit them for grammar and consistency since I am not great at that, yet!
  • Can I use or republish one of your posts?  Of course, hopefully you will give me a shout out but spreading the word of good parenting is never a bad thing.

Do you ever delete comments from people who disagree? I won’t, because I think everyone has a different perspective and that ok, we all learn from other points of view. With that said, if you post a negative comment please have facts or good reasons or I will unleash the wrath of the Mack Attack on you!