Definition of Love and Humanity


LOVEI preface this with, its a long thought post so not for the week minded..

What is your definition of love and humanity?
I have been watching a lot of peeps who I consider friends, I admire and some I actually admit LOVE…
I question and am curious what they and of course all of you consider the definition of said meanings…
To me the only RACE is the Human Race… I have and consider them dear friends of all colors, creeds, religions and sexual orientations and never think of any of that when asked… are they your friend and do you love them???
My loved ones include many, My Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter Mackenzie, Daughters Mom, Non Biological Brothers,Non Biological Sisters and a long list of others..

The point?

Everyone does not know, care for the same or treat others the same as they would treat their own. Well I have many people in my life who I love and would protect with my life…( I strongly suggest you introduce yourself to some of my family above if you need some real, strong influential, loving peeps)

Family values extend to my entire family. If they are in the Shit I would do anything to help. I may not always be able to but I will not act like its not my problem…
So why do others hate, bash or treat others with disrespect that they would not wish upon their worst enemy, never mind one of their own?
Maybe because they fear what they do not understand or they have never experienced the point of view of someone of a different culture, I do not know…

But I shall not stand by and not be a voice of reason to say, HEY WTF? Open your mind and and heart and listen the F**K up to the world around you. Respect, manners, Honor are not just words, they are what I and many in this country were raised on and if you do not wake up and remember these attributes then you will end up right where you put others,
So Listen more than Talk, try and understand others point of view, put yourself in others shoes for a bit, sympathize rather than patronize and love others as you wish you were loved!                                                                                                                             

P.S. If you do not like this, fine don’t, but if you have a prob with me….
Take it up with me, I’m happy to clear your head of the cobwebs, Texas Style