What Dads Need To Know: Technology and Your Child


Technology and your ChildLet’s face it Dads, in today’s world, technology has become a major part in most of our lives. Everyone is using some form of technology, from young children to the elderly, to make every day life easier. With young children, though, teaching them how to act online, how to properly use devices, and know what to watch out for is necessary before trusting them alone.

There are dangers out there, and children may unknowingly do something they should not. While this is important for all parents, the sometimes over protective dads out there, like me, take even more care and concern when teaching their children about technology.

The technological advances of today have brought us more than just more dangers, though. Children can use these devices to learn, especially when you have something that has access to an app store. Educational games and books are online for everyone, both free and for sale, and do help children increase their knowledge.

It is becoming increasingly common for children to use iPhones, iPads, and other mobile items, usually either their parents’ devices or their own, on a daily basis. While many parents allow them to use one for games and contacting people, some do use them for many more reasons. There is a lot out there that you do not want your children seeing, and you must be able to teach them what is right. Where they should not go, to whom they should not speak, and what not to tell people are all important things to know when dealing with others online. Any single dad out there knows they cannot be with their child 24/7 because of work and other responsibilities, and teaching your child about the online world will make it possible for you to trust them online when you are not there.

Of course, technology is not all about what you do online. Devices like the Nabi 2 or Xbox Kinect  have many more features available, all of which are there for fun and entertainment. There are even applications for education, like games and books, to help with the development of the child. These stimulate the mind and give each child the ability to grow more. You can even find more available online, even some fitting to your child’s specific interests. Whatever they like, sports, music, cartoons, books, or anything else, will, more than likely, have a game or book about it.

Teaching your child how to use these devices to take advantage of the educational applications is something anyone can do. Even if you are a single father with many things demanding your attention, you can provide your child with the necessary information to use a mobile device for what they need, even when you are away. Navigating one is simple and most children will be able to find what it is they seeking.

Technology may have made our lives easier as a whole, but it has brought us much more. With children, they can learn from the games and books available in any app store, which do help in their development. While you want them to learn, it is still important to teach them the proper way to use the internet so that they do not get themselves in trouble. As long as they have that knowledge, they can learn and grow by using any device.