My name is First time holding my babyJason, though I often answer to “Daddy”, “Dada”, “Papa” or “Hey! You!” Nine years ago, my world changed when I became a father to the sweetest little girl.

I call her Mack, Mack Attack, or Princess, and depending on her mood, she has no problem telling me which she prefers!

Mack has made my life a learning and teaching adventure. Lots of times, I have no idea what I’m doing and she and I learn together! Being a dad and experiencing life with Mack has been the most fun I have had in my life!

Mack’s entrance to my life became the focus of my world and made me start to look closely at what I REALLY wanted in life. I started setting goals and working to achieve those goals as steps to creating my Dream Life.

As a bachelor for the first 40 years of my life, I desired to share my adventures with someone else, and made it a goal to find her. It may seem strange to make finding a partner a goal, but it helped me focus on meeting new people and finding someone to share my Dream Life with.

Two years ago, I went on a first date with a woman who would change my life again. Today, Tami and I are planning a wedding and are sharing a Dream Life as a family.

Things that I love to do that make my Dream Life more complete are: mountain biking, mountaineering, endurance racing, the culinary arts, building online businesses, traveling, and brewing beer.

About FamilySo, now that you know a little more about me and my family, let’s talk about DadsLifeBlog.com, and why I am so passionate about it!

Becoming a parent, and a single parent no less, changed my perspective on life. I started making big changes so that I could focus my life on my daughter, having a Dream Life, and not centering my world on my career. I started DadsLifeBlog.com to share the joys, tribulations and thrills that this journey brings to my life. I was interested in the social aspect of writing, sharing stories, and opinions. I figure that every day is an adventure, and it’s much more fun to share an adventure, than to keep it all to myself!

If you stick with me through this adventure, you will quickly see that this blog is about a few specific topics:

  1. All of the fun and sometimes challenging things about being a dad, having a blended family, and life in general.
  2. How I am building my Dream Life, and how you can too!
  3. Building a business that takes less of your time, giving you more time with your family, and more time to build your Dream Life.

Right now, I am going through what I would call a “mid-life transformation”. I wouldn’t call it a “crisis” because I am focused on an end goal, and not just running wild! I see myself as a dreamer and after years of planning, and goal setting, I am starting to live my Dream Life. I have a pretty good plan, and have started putting parts of my plan in action, seeing what works, and what needs to be tweaked.

Of course, life is ever changing, and as I’ve started implementing my Dream Life, I have found a few places that need to grow and change with my life. I will share these experience in this blog, and they currently focus on:

  1. My Career – I have been a personal trainer for the last 19 years. It is a great job, but demands long days, which takes time away from my family. I have recently invested in a few small business to help me transition from long days at work to a career that allows me to focus more on my family.
  2. Travel – We all have passports, and our bucket list is full of adventures across the globe. Now that Mack is older we are ready to find ways to add global and local travel to our lives.
  3. Education – Life is about learning. Learning how to be a better dad, learning new languages, learning about Mack and who she is becoming, and relearning all of those things from school I forgot, so that I can help Mack with her homework!

Every now and then, I will ask Tami to share her perspective on things that are shaping our world and helping our Dream Life grow. She has a unique perspective which hopefully will help you see a side of life different from yours.

Thanks for joining in on my adventure! I hope that my experiences and opinions will help inspire you to find a path toward your own family focused, adventure filled, Dream Life!


For more information on me check out the FAQ’s Page.

Note: This blog should be taken as representations of my emotional state at the time of writing, not fact. Like I said, it is a journey and the road can be bumpy sometimes but other times it has the most breathtaking views.

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