Dads Lack Of Fashion


Why arDad Fashione there thousands of blog posts for Moms fashion, advice and tips but very few (good ones) on Dads? Dads’ fashion has kind of become a laughing stock of the parenting world. I’m not sure what style most average dads are going for but it seems largely misguided, nonexistent and downright laughable.

Seriously guys, what are you thinking with the oversized clothes, outdated t-shirts and the socks with sandals thing, REALLY? Sure, maybe some dads try occasionally but there are plenty of guys out there that put this less-than-fashionable dad stereotype to shame.

Well that’s about to change and I mean NOW. Starting with this post I want you to take small steps towards changing the perception of ‘Dads’ Fashion’ and at the end of this post I am going to share a couple of great sources to further your education.


First thing I want you to do is look at your current wardrobe. Well, how is it?

Are you happy with how you look? Does your wardrobe convey how you feel about yourself? What does it say to the world about you?

If you don’t care then stop reading and go put on your 1980’s band t-shirt and oversized sweatpants and have a nice day.

Ok, I guess you care, if even a little about what your wardrobe says about you.

Remember guys, how you dress in public is a representation of you, your business, your family and the perception others are going to make about you personally and as a dad.

Lets start with the basics shall we, and build from there. One outfit that you can wear in public that is current fashion fits you properly and makes you feel comfortable with how you look.

Here’s a list to start with:

  1. Collared Shirt- clean, pressed and fitted to your body type
  2. Pants- slacks or jeans- fitted to your body type, tailored.
  3. Colored socks- can be solid or patterned but not WHITE.
  4. Shoes- casual or dress but clean and not sneakers.
  5. Belt- match belt to your shoes in material and color

Look at stores like Banana Republic, Gap or Brooks Brothers for ideas.

Five things is a simple task to start with, 1 outfit, that’s all.

Honestly I could go on for days with what I am seeing out in public from dads who just make me cringe. But, I want to spark a change in how dads represent themselves, their families and frankly me as a fellow dad. I hope you join me and help make a change at least there will be two of us out there representing.

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Oh ya, I almost forgot the two sources I mentioned earlier. Depending on your style, age and level of fashion you may enjoy one or the other but both are very educational and entertaining.

Real Men Real Style- Antonio Centeno –

I AM Alpha M- Aaron Marino-

They have tons of videos, advice and topics to get your dads fashion in check.